Raise the Standard of Living for All Choctaws:

Provide excellence in education to all ages, train our tribal members for skilled jobs, and provide ongoing assistance with placement to ensure that every tribal member can achieve their own vision for their future.


Quality, Accessible Healthcare:

Continue expansion of healthcare services, provide education scholarships to train our members so they can assist our tribal members in achieving a higher quality of life and enjoy a healthy future.



Access to internet and broadband connectivity must be a priority, so we can fully benefit from the new technologies and aerospace development that will bring economic benefits and more job opportunities to our region.


Restoration & Healing:

The COVID pandemic caused strains on finances, stability of families, and both mental and physical health. I commit to programs and assistance to address the ongoing needs, because for a strong future, we must be strong and balanced individually and as a tribe.


Preserve our Legacy:

We are forever bound by blood, but to preserve our culture we must ensure that our language, our values, and our way of life are protected, nurtured and grown.


Honor our Elders:

It is an honor to serve our Elders in my present position, and I am uniquely qualified in this to connect needs with assistance - with 144 programs available through our tribe, I will continue to ensure that we are honoring those who we follow, and will serve humbly those who have paved the way for our future.


Achieve Our Vision:

The McGirt Ruling has propelled our Nation into uncharted territory - and opportunities must be reached for and grasped by those who have experience to know what is needed and will work to ensure that our strong, sovereign nation leads in the days, years, and generations ahead - for our families, our tribe, and our future.




My wife Linda and I are blessed with 4 children, 8 grandchildren and many relatives living close by. After graduating from Clayton High School, I earned a bachelor’s degree from SOSU. From a young age, I committed as my priority to serve our tribe, and over the last 28 years I  have developed extensive expertise in multiple leadership roles - from starting as a Youth Coordinator for the Drug Elimination Program through the Housing Authority, to spending the last 13 years as an Elder Advocate with Victims Services for Choctaw Nation Outreach Services. Changing lives has strengthened my heart for service more each year, and helping our Choctaw Nation families receive assistance needed has led me to work with most every service offering, and develop first-hand a working knowledge of every program the Choctaw Nation offers.


We live in unprecedented times, and the Choctaw Nation is uniquely positioned to achieve greater than our ancestors ever thought possible. Now is the time to Achieve our Greatest Vision for better opportunities, stronger families, develop our faith, honor our culture, and build a strong sovereign nation. It is critical that this year, your vote is cast for experience  and knowledge of how to navigate the path forward to achieve this vision. I would be humbled and honored to earn your vote to serve you as District 7 Councilman. Please call me at

918-429-9041 or email me at Jimmysmith4council@gmail.com if you have any questions before you cast your vote. Yakoke!




Vote Absentee or Vote in Person:

District 7 voting locations:

Choctaw Community Center

at 302 SW O Street, Antlers, OK 74523

Choctaw Community Center

at 5718 Rodeo Grounds Rd, Wright City, OK 74766

In Person Early voting: 

Friday, July 9, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. 

General Election: Saturday, July 10, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Same-day registration and vote available! 


Mark your calendar and vote Jimmy Smith!